What is healthy heart?

Cause of Heart DiseaseA healthy heart can be defined as the heart which does all its functions efficiently keeping the person in healthy condition. The heart always works efficiently either if you are healthy or unhealthy. The blood vessels are clean and blood pressure is normal. We can say that the heart is healthy if it is free from the symptoms of heart disease.

Conditions for healthy heart.

Under following circumstances we can say the heart is healthy:

The heart is able to pump the blood to all parts of the body. The heart pumps about 4.7 liters of blood per minute.

The heart beats up to 72 times per minute.

The blood pressure is normal

The person does not experience the symptoms of heart disease.

The arteries or blood vessels are clean with no deposits on the walls.

The person is not very obese.

The body is getting sufficient amount of oxygen.

All the cells are getting the desired nutrients in adequate amount.

The body or blood pH is maintained slightly on the alkaline side.

How to have a healthy heart?

It’s really important to look after your heart because you need your heart to live a long and

Healthy life.  There are 3 main things you need to – and they’re all easy or fun!

Eat right

To look after your heart you need to eat the right things. You are what you eat. According to orthomolecular nutrition, provide all the nutrients that your body requires and in adequate amount, the body will heal itself.

Eat in a way that acidosis is not produced because under acidosis condition the body loses its immunity and becomes susceptible to infection and other diseases.

Eating an alkaline diet also helps in losing weight and maintaining better health or optimum health.

Eat healthy snacks that keep you looking and feeling great!

Be Active

Being active makes all your muscles work harder. And that’s good news for your heart, because your heart is a muscle too. Find out how easy it is to do 60 minutes of activity a day.

Why walk up stairs when you can run!

No smoking

Smoking can give you heart disease and cancer. It’s expensive and it stinks, so there really is no good reason to go near cigarettes. Most smokers wish they’d never started because it’s so hard to stop. Find out more about how to make sure you never start smoking.

Be smart. Don’t start!


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