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Traditional and Emerging Risk factors for Heart Disease

Risk Factors For Heart Disease —

The cause of heart disease is explained in terms of risk factors. Each risk factor contributes to heart disease to a limited extent or a certain percentage levels. The true risk factor seems to be related to diet. It gets masked up with other secondary risk factors. It is time to include the emerging risk factors of heart disease along with traditional risk factors for the cause of cardiovascular disease …………………… continue reading

Can Traditional Risk Factors ExplainThe Cause of Heart Disease

The major traditional risk factor for heart disease is “High Cholesterol Levels” which causes plaques in arteries by a process called as atherosclerosis. Recent studies indicate that the plaque consists of Lipoprotein (a) particles and not LDL cholesterol. Besides lp (a) molecules are more atherogenic than LDL cholesterol…………………………..continue reading

Emerging Risk Factors for Heart Disease.

The major traditional risk factors are high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and diabetes. Recent scientific studies link the cause of heart disease to emerging risk factors, lipoprotein (a), c-reactive protein, homo cysteine and several others under study. evedince of lipoprotein (a) as the #1 risk factor is mounting in the literature…… continue reading

Lipoprotein (a) is an Emerging Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease.

Lipoprotein (a) is an emerging risk factor directly linked to the cause of heart disease. Genetic studies and numerous epidemiologic studies have identified Lp(a) as a risk factor for atherosclerotic diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke……………… continue reading

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