High Lp (a)

What high lp (a) levels mean?

High lp (a) is linked to heart disease. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in men and women of all age. The cause for this is

High lp(a) levels;

High cholesterol levels,

high blood pressure and


Of all the above, the last three are traditional risk factors. Lipoprotein (a) also called as lipoprotein a little or abbreviated as Lp (a), is an emerging risk factor. It is an independent risk factor for coronary artery disease.

What does high lp (a) test result mean?

A high lp (a) level may increase a person’s risk for developing cardiovascular disease and cerebral vascular disease.

High lp (a) can occur in people with normal lipid profile. An elevated level of Lp (a) is thought to contribute to risk of heart disease independently of other lipids.

The level of Lp (a) is genetically determined and is not easily modified by lifestyle changes or drugs.

There are no known problems associated with low lp (a). many individuals have no detectable Lp (a) in their blood

There are no known problems associated with low Lp(a). Many individuals have no detectable Lp(a) in their blood. However it should be noted that Lp(a) appears  to be one of the few CVD risk factors capable of promoting both early and advanced stages of atherogenesis.

Atherogenicity of lp(a)

Why high lp (a) levels are dangerous is because lp (a) is highly atherogenic. Lp (a) is 300 times more atherogenic than high LDL or bad cholesterol. It binds easily with the lesions formed in the blood vessels and forms a plaque. The cholesterol binding to the plaque is made up of lipoprotein (a) was established by Dr. Matthias Rath. His results are published in US Patent.

Why high lp (a) levels are formed?

This topic is highly debatable. One group says that it is inflammation that makes the blood lp a levels to rise. The reason cited for inflammation is generation of free radicals from polyunsaturated oils and fats.

Dr Matthias Rath and Dr Linus Pauling postulate that is chronic vitamin C deficiency that forms lesions in the blood vessels and in response to this the Lp a levels get elevated as a preventive measure. These lp a molecules being atherogenic bind themselves with lesions and stop the flow of blood outside of the blood vessels. It is nature’s way of prevention.

Dietary deficiencies and eating an unbalanced diet can explain the phenomena properly. Inflammation, loss of immunity cannot take place in a healthy person who is providing all the nutrients to the body in a balanced way. Eating an unhealthy diet makes the person from digestive problems or deficiency diseases. Toxins get accumulated in the body. Under these conditions inflammation can take place and attack by external germs is possible.

What can be done if lp (a) levels are higher?

Lowering lipoprotein (a) is the best thing that you can do and bring the high lp (a) levels to normal. Nutritional therapy is highly effective in lowering lp(a) levels. In the process, the high cholesterol levels also come to normal levels again. There is a double benefit. No hassles of looking at labels and see how much cholesterol it contains.

The key to optimal health is providing all the nutrients to the body in adequate amount, exercise and eating an alkaline diet menu plan, which maintains the body pH slightly on the alkaline side.





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