The True Cause of Heart Disease and The True Solution!


Are emerging risk factors the true cause of heart disease?

The real or true cause of heart disease seems to have not been properly understood, as the incidence of heart disease is increasing day by day not only in USA but also in underdeveloped countries like India. This is due to changes in the lifestyle of the people compared to olden days and mainly due to dietary factors. What could be the reasons behind a healthy heart getting transformed into a diseased heart? If people could ponder over this issue they will realize how their diet and lifestyle is affecting their health.

Cause of heart disease in men

true cause of heart diseaseCause of heart disease in men is linked to age as it is often found that men above 50 years of age are found to suffer from one or the other form of heart disease. Habits like smoking and drinking alcohol increase the chances of having heart disease. Smoking and consuming alcohol can cause heart attack in older people. However we cannot neglect involvement of emerging risk factors as the true cause of CVD in men.


Cause of heart disease in women

true cause of heart disease

Cause of heart disease in women is slightly different in women compared to women. After menopause women are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. Hormonal changes are found to affect heart health. In African women the cause of death due to disease of the heart is more common than American women indicating that ethnicity also plays a role in heart disease cause.

Risk factors of heart disease

true cause of heart diseaseRisk factors are those traits or conditions which help in explaining the cause of heart disease. People suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes etc. are is more prone to heart disease risk. There are several risk factors that cause diseases of the heart and are classified into modifiable and non modifiable risk factors. Out of all these risk factors unhealthy diet seems to more closely associated with  causation of cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart attack, angina pain, high cholesterol levels, peripheral artery disease, atherosclerosis etc. Evidence for the new emerging risk factors as the heart disease cause is mounting in the literature.

Emerging risk factors for heart disease

Several scientific studies now confirm the presence of other risk factors other then high cholesterol, high BP, which are linked directly to heart disease. they are called as “emerging risk factors“. We are very close to knowing the real cause of heart diseases, which should be something to do with diet. But at present several newer drugs are prepared to lower cholesterol and control coronary heart disease. But the results are not encouraging. These drugs called as statins though helpful in lowering cholesterol, they have several side effects. High cholesterol and saturated fats as the cause of coronary artery disease is being disputed as the low-fat diet has not helped in managing heart disease.

The prominent emerging risk factors are lipoprotein (a), c-reactive protein and homocysteine. Several scientific studies confirm lipoprotein (a) as the major emerging risk factor. Lowering lipoprotein (a) is the best nutritional approach to normalize cholesterol levels and reverse and prevent heart disease.

Vitamin c deficiency as the true cause of heart disease and cholesterol problems

There are scientific evidences showing the link between heart disease and its cause due to high intake of sugar. Also there are scientific reports that dental disease is linked to heart disease. Indirectly showing that vitamin c is deficiency could be the cause of coronary artery disease and stroke.

Inflammation as the true cause of heart disease and cholesterol problems cause

Another school believes that inflammation as the true cause of heart disease. Due to certain unknown reasons inflammation of the arteries takes place which leads to plaque formation and subsequent cholesterol problems and heart disease.

Whatever be the explanation given to the cause of heart disease, there is strong evidence that plaque deposits consist of lipoprotein (a) which are 300 times more atherogenic then LDL cholesterol. Even several scientific studies show that lipoprotein (a) is the emerging risk factor that is linked to disturbed cholesterol or bad cholesterol levels and linked heart disease. Let’s keep aside the argument aside and concentrate on that there are true causes of heart coronary heart disease known and hence a true solution also must be available.

True Treatment and prevention of heart disease.

Treatment for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in both men and women, basically revolves around cholesterol. Statins to lower cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol naturally with non statin products like policosanol. Cholesterol absorption inhibiting natural fibers like physillium husk and other dietary fiber product derived from flax seed, guar gum etc. And most importantly eating cholesterol lowering foods and avoiding foods rich in cholesterol like saturated fats and Trans fats. All these measures have failed to meet the expectations of the people.

There is a vast difference in the diet which people used to eat in olden days when heart disease was not heard of, and the present day diet. The real cause of heart disease seems to be definitely related to diet. Heart disease and its cause depend upon what we eat.  Knowing the real cause could provide proper treatment procedure and also its prevention. An attempt is made here to collect all the information here on the real cause of chronic diseases like disease of heart, cancer, diabetes and so on.



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